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Whether you're new to music or have always wanted to learn an instrument, you've come to the right place.  Our team of experienced tutors can help you realise your musical dreams in a fun and inspiring environment.  We offer:

Sutton Music Academy provides group classes where students benefit from learning to play straight away with other musicians.  We offer lessons throughout the week to suit your schedule.  

We have five purpose-built, sound-isolated teaching studios and which were created in 2009. Since then we have taught hundreds of people how to play their instrument. Our dedicated team of tutors are always keen to encourage the joy of making music.

About Sutton Music Academy

Sutton Music Academy was founded in 2009 with the addition of four teaching studios to the new shop location in the centre of Sutton.  

Since then it has grown into a valuable and in-demand local service, providing comprehensive teaching packages for students of all ages.  As a learning institution, the Academy has always sought to strike the balance between fun and progress.  All syllabuses are built around the main exam boards, regular examinations are made available to students through the Centre's exam hub and students also benefit from yearly concerts held locally.  

Whether you wish to supplement your child's musical learning or merely expand their recerational actitivites, our flexible tutors can accomodate all ages and abilities.  

For more information about the learning paths we offer, please feel free to explore this website, drop in and speak to a member of staff or send us an enquiry.  

Music For All

Flexible, Affordable Education

At Sutton Music Academy, we strongly believe in the virtues of a balanced curriculum.  As one of oldest art forms in the world, music should always be available to those wishing to learn.  

Group lessons are an affordable way to progress on your instrument with the added bonus of direct encouragement and friendly competition from your peers.

To learn more about what we offer, why not pop into Sutton Music Centre and speak to a member of staff or send us a quick message here.

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