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Whether you're new to music or have always wanted to learn an instrument, you've come to the right place.  Our team of experienced tutors can help you realise your musical dreams in a fun and inspiring environment.  We offer:

Sutton Music Academy provides group classes where students benefit from learning to play straight away with other musicians.  We offer lessons throughout the week to suit your schedule.  

We have five purpose-built, sound-isolated teaching studios and which were created in 2009. Since then we have taught hundreds of people how to play their instrument. Our dedicated team of tutors are always keen to encourage the joy of making music.

Spring Term starting online 

Due to the Tier 4 restrictions and now the National Lockdown, we are having to start the January term with online lessons. For those that have received online music lessons before, you will already be prepared but for those that haven't tried it, why not give it a go?

We have sent individual emails to pupils with a link to pay a course deposit. Once this has been paid, your tutor will be in touch to organise the online schedule. Lessons start during the week of January 11th and the term consists of 10 lessons. We hope to return for face to face lessons after half term.

Although the online option is not ideal in some circumstances we feel it is important to continue the progress made by pupils and to provide a focus in these difficult times. If you wish to wait until the restart of face to face lessons please send us an email.

Unfortunately we are not taking on any beginner pupils until we are able to provide face to face lessons. If you are on our interest list we will be in touch as the situation develops.

Stay safe and well.......and keep playing!

Spring Term 2021 dates. 

The term dates for the Spring term 2021 are:

First lesson : Week of 11th January 2021 

Half-term: Week of 15th February 2021 

Last lesson :  Week of 22nd March 2021 

10 Lessons

End of Autumn 2020 term. 

Following the end of the November lockdown, lessons return for face to face lessons from Thursday December 3rd. If you wish not to return for face to face lessons and continue online until the end of term please let us know. 

The last day of term is December 12th and we will be in touch via email regarding dates and times for the lessons restarting in January.

If we don't don't see you before, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and well New Year.

Lockdown lessons moved to online 

With further clarification from the Government regarding the current lockdown, people are not allowed to leave home to attend extra curricular music tuition. We have therefore had to cancel all face to face lessons and move to online tuition until the end of the lockdown.

We are obviously very disappointed by this and apologise for the inconvenience. 

You will be contacted by your tutor to organise online lessons and if it can not be done in time for this week, the lesson will be moved to the end of term. 

If you are unable to access online lessons please let us know and we will be in touch about alternative options.

More information will sent to pupils individually but until then thanks you your understanding and stay safe.

Lessons following half term 

Following the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday regarding the forthcoming national lockdown, we wanted to let you know that we are planning to continue our music lessons. We are seeking guidance from our MP however as we are an educational setting we feel it is important to continue providing lessons so our pupils can continue their learning. 

Although the shop will be closed from Thursday 5th November lessons will continue at the regular scheduled times. 

From Thursday 5th November Adult lessons will be moved to online until after the lockdown. Details will be sent individually via email. 

As schools remain open, we plan to continue providing face to face lessons however as things are changing rapidly we are constantly reviewing the situation. We have seen the positive effects of pupils returning to their music lessons and want to support them by continuing as long as possible. 

The measures we have put in place already will continue and we ask that pupils continue to wear face coverings and use the one way system for entering and leaving the building. 

We will send more information as things become clearer but in the meantime here is a reminder of the guidance for lessons at Sutton Music. 

  • If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not attend your lesson and let us know. Following a positive COVID-19 test please let us know ASAP. Here is a link to NHS website with more information 
  • Please wait outside, or in your car, until your lesson time and then proceed straight to your studio. Please do not use the normal waiting area. 
  • Pupils should wear a face covering and put it on before entering the building. If pupils under 12 feel uncomfortable wearing a face covering they can remove it in the lesson but we would prefer for them to be worn for the whole lesson. 
  • There will be a member of staff available to let you know which studio your lesson is in. 
  • Please use the entrance from our car park (at the back of the shop). The door at the front (on St Nicholas Way) will be closed. 
  • Follow the blue one way signs on the floor. 
  • After your lesson please exit from the new door in the corridor by studio 3. This brings you out into the car park. 
  • Please wait outside your studio until your tutor invites you in. Instruments will be cleaned between pupils so please wait until this has been done. 
  • We have a hand sanitiser station in each studio for your use. Please use the hand sanitiser as you enter the studio. 
  • Our toilets and wash basins are closed to pupils. 
  • Your tutor will be set up to observe social distancing. Please remember to keep your distance from other pupils (drum and guitar lessons). 
  • Drum pupils must use their own sticks. 
  • Guitar pupils must use their own guitar. 
  • For new guitar pupils without an instrument, we have some available however these are limited due to the need sanitise after the lesson. Please ask a member of staff when you arrive if you need to borrow a guitar. 
  • Your tutor will be wearing a face covering and will be responsible for cleaning instruments and the studio between lessons. 
  • If a parent wants to discuss something with the tutor please get your child to let them know. They will then need finish the lesson a few minutes early and come outside to meet by the exit door.

Autumn 2020 Half Term 

It's been wonderful to see so many happy pupils arriving for their lessons. Half term is a one week break so there are no lessons between October 25th and November 1st. Lessons restart one Monday November 2nd.

Have a good break and keep up the practicing!

Autumn 2020 Term Starts September 14th of September 

From September we hope to offer all our pupils the opportunity to return for face to face lessons. We have put in place measures to keep our tutors and pupils safe during the 6 weeks of lessons that restarted in June. The mandatory use of face coverings in shops has been introduced so all pupils must therefore wear a face covering when arriving at Sutton Music and during their lesson. We have a few spare disposable masks for those that forget but we ask that you bring your own so that you can be as comfortable as possible. It is likely that this rule will continue until the rest so it is something we all have to get used to. 

We are finalising the timetable for September and will be in touch individually with more details. Due to the format of our lessons being adapted to allow for social distancing, it is important that you confirm your place as soon as possible. Places will be limited and there may be the need to change days or tutor from the previous term. 

The format of the lessons will temporarily change for next term to allow for social distancing. All lessons will be £18 and on a weekly basis (instead of alternating weeks). The term will start on Monday September 14th and finish on December 12th. Half term will be the week of Oct 26th. There will be 12 lessons.

Online lessons now available for Sutton Music pupils 

We hope you are all well and staying safe during this challenging time. 

At Sutton Music we’ve been working to create a plan for online lessons and pull together resources for making music at home. In these weeks of uncertainty, we feel that learning a musical instrument can provide focus and structure, helping to create a sense of normality for our younger pupils. 

As you know, due to the social distancing measures, we decided to cancel the last two lessons of the spring term. We will credit these lessons against next term’s fee once we know when the start date is. This credit will not apply to the online lessons that are being offered by our tutors as detailed below. 

We have been talking to our tutors and working out a way to progress with online lessons until Sutton Music Academy is able to reopen. Below you will see a list of tutors that are set up and ready to provide online lessons. These will be done via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp depending on the individual tutor and which platform you are using at home. Our tutors will try and be as flexible as possible but please bear in mind that some platforms are better suited to music lessons than others. To organise online lessons with your tutor (or another if your tutor is unavailable) please email them, letting them know which pupils require lessons. They will then liaise with you to organise a schedule for lessons. 

Lesson fees will be £17 per 30 minutes and will be paid directly to the tutor. We recommend using PayPal but bank transfer payments are another option. 

Lessons should be take place in a suitable location in your home and children should wear appropriate clothing. Any device or account that is used must belong to the parent or guardian and not the child.  A parent should be present in the home during the lesson, but the parent should not be interacting with the teacher or child during the lesson.  Any feedback about practice for the week will be emailed by the tutor at the end of the lesson. Live streamed lessons will not be stored or kept for the future on tutor’s devices however, if your platform allows it, you may want to record the lesson to refer back to later. 

We have suggested to tutors that they schedule a 40 minute window for a 30 minute lesson, to allow time for technical difficulties and to write up the lesson afterwards. Tutors will send a follow up email to parents with notes and practice tips, as well as any resources that may be required (PDFs, backing tracks, online links etc.) 

We hope that online lessons will help your family during self-isolation, providing practical and creative activities for your children. We encourage the children to use this time as an opportunity to do lots of practice and continue the progress on their instruments. 

When we have the more information about the timetable for regular face to face lessons we will contact you with your scheduled time. Once lessons resume at Sutton Music Centre, online lessons will not be available from our tutors except as supplementary sessions (i.e. an additional lesson before an exam)

If you are a Sutton Music Academy pupil and didn't receive the list of tutors offering online lessons please email

Lessons cancelled until further notice  

Unfortunately due to the corona virus situation we have decided to cancel the remaining lessons this term. 

Pupils have been sent an email with further details. If you haven’t received an email please let us know (including the pupils name and instrument) and we will resend the information. 

We will credit two lessons against next term’s fee for our current pupils. Once we have scheduled the timetable for the summer term we will inform all pupils. The start date will be confirmed in due course. 

We are working on our approach to online lessons and will have details available soon. In the meantime the current situation is an opportunity for lots of practice on your instrument.

We thank everyone for their support and understanding. Stay safe & well.

Corona Virus update 

We are currently continuing with lessons however we are reviewing the situation on a daily basis. Our tutors have been advised not to come in if they are feeling unwell so we'll try and give pupils as much warning as possible if we need to cancel. 

We are carrying on with our efforts to maintain good hygiene and ask all pupils to wash their hands when they arrive prior to the lesson. 

Stay safe and well.

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About Sutton Music Academy

Sutton Music Academy was founded in 2009 with the addition of four teaching studios to the new shop location in the centre of Sutton.  

Since then it has grown into a valuable and in-demand local service, providing comprehensive teaching packages for students of all ages.  As a learning institution, the Academy has always sought to strike the balance between fun and progress.  All syllabuses are built around the main exam boards, regular examinations are made available to students through the Centre's exam hub and students also benefit from yearly concerts held locally.  

Whether you wish to supplement your child's musical learning or merely expand their recerational actitivites, our flexible tutors can accomodate all ages and abilities.  

For more information about the learning paths we offer, please feel free to explore this website, drop in and speak to a member of staff or send us an enquiry.  

Music For All

Flexible, Affordable Education

At Sutton Music Academy, we strongly believe in the virtues of a balanced curriculum.  As one of oldest art forms in the world, music should always be available to those wishing to learn.  

Group lessons are an affordable way to progress on your instrument with the added bonus of direct encouragement and friendly competition from your peers.

To learn more about what we offer, why not pop into Sutton Music Centre and speak to a member of staff or send us a quick message here.

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