Lessons following half term

Following the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday regarding the forthcoming national lockdown, we wanted to let you know that we are planning to continue our music lessons. We are seeking guidance from our MP however as we are an educational setting we feel it is important to continue providing lessons so our pupils can continue their learning. 

Although the shop will be closed from Thursday 5th November lessons will continue at the regular scheduled times. 

From Thursday 5th November Adult lessons will be moved to online until after the lockdown. Details will be sent individually via email. 

As schools remain open, we plan to continue providing face to face lessons however as things are changing rapidly we are constantly reviewing the situation. We have seen the positive effects of pupils returning to their music lessons and want to support them by continuing as long as possible. 

The measures we have put in place already will continue and we ask that pupils continue to wear face coverings and use the one way system for entering and leaving the building. 

We will send more information as things become clearer but in the meantime here is a reminder of the guidance for lessons at Sutton Music. 

  • If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not attend your lesson and let us know. Following a positive COVID-19 test please let us know ASAP. Here is a link to NHS website with more information https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing/get-a-test-to-check-if-you-have-coronavirus/ 
  • Please wait outside, or in your car, until your lesson time and then proceed straight to your studio. Please do not use the normal waiting area. 
  • Pupils should wear a face covering and put it on before entering the building. If pupils under 12 feel uncomfortable wearing a face covering they can remove it in the lesson but we would prefer for them to be worn for the whole lesson. 
  • There will be a member of staff available to let you know which studio your lesson is in. 
  • Please use the entrance from our car park (at the back of the shop). The door at the front (on St Nicholas Way) will be closed. 
  • Follow the blue one way signs on the floor. 
  • After your lesson please exit from the new door in the corridor by studio 3. This brings you out into the car park. 
  • Please wait outside your studio until your tutor invites you in. Instruments will be cleaned between pupils so please wait until this has been done. 
  • We have a hand sanitiser station in each studio for your use. Please use the hand sanitiser as you enter the studio. 
  • Our toilets and wash basins are closed to pupils. 
  • Your tutor will be set up to observe social distancing. Please remember to keep your distance from other pupils (drum and guitar lessons). 
  • Drum pupils must use their own sticks. 
  • Guitar pupils must use their own guitar. 
  • For new guitar pupils without an instrument, we have some available however these are limited due to the need sanitise after the lesson. Please ask a member of staff when you arrive if you need to borrow a guitar. 
  • Your tutor will be wearing a face covering and will be responsible for cleaning instruments and the studio between lessons. 
  • If a parent wants to discuss something with the tutor please get your child to let them know. They will then need finish the lesson a few minutes early and come outside to meet by the exit door.