Summer Term 2021

We are excited to welcome our pupils back for face to face lessons from April 19th. While the online lessons have been successful we are looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Current pupils have been emailed details of their scheduled lesson time. If you have not received your email please get in touch.

With our precautions and social distancing measures in place, we are confident that we can provide a safe learning environment. Here are the guidelines for returning to Sutton Music.

Here is our guidance for pupils and parents for returning to lessons at Sutton Music. 

If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not attend your lesson and let us know. 

  • Please wait outside, or in your car, until your lesson time and then proceed straight to your teaching studio. Please do not use the normal waiting area or enter the shop showroom. 
  • There will be a member of staff available to help if you are unsure of where to go. 
  • Please use the entrance from our car park (at the back of the shop). The door at the front (on St Nicholas Way) will be closed. 
  • Follow the blue one way signs on the floor. Our smaller studio (studio 4) is not in use and Studio 1 (next door) will be used instead. 
  • After your lesson please exit from the new door in the corridor by studio 3. This brings you out into the car park. 
  • Please wait outside your studio until your tutor invites you in. Instruments will be cleaned between pupils so please wait until this has been done. 
  • We have a hand sanitiser station in each studio for your use. Please use the hand sanitiser before you play. 
  • Our toilets and wash basins are closed to pupils. 
  • Your tutor will be set up to observe 2m distancing. Please remember to keep your distance. 
  • Pupils that have shared drum lessons must keep their distance from each other and stay sitting at their allocated drum kit. 
  • It is advised to use a mask during your lessons. Your tutor has been supplied with a face shield.